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Flexibility, Strength and Cardio all in a 1 Hour Class  
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Lesa N.
Leslie K.
FYN’s nutrition program has helped me get back to my ideal weight. In 3 short months I feel great with a 25lb. weight loss. My energy level is through the roof and the information and support from my fitness nutritionalist has attributed to my success. My favorite part of this program is it took all the guess work out of what I should eat. I love the ease of the meal plan recommendations and exercise accountability. This fitness program has transformed my body by losing 6% body fat and gaining 5% muscle mass and I am still going strong. My greatest compliments received have been when patients tell me I look younger in person than in my profile picture which was taken before my weight loss. A big difference I have noticed is my strength and stamina have improved dramatically. I can actually do pull-ups with correct form and my long runs are more enjoyable. Overall, I simply feel better getting through my busy days.

~ Dr. Smart

Angie is Down 17 Pounds!


"I’ve lost 10 lbs and 6% body fat with Frisco Yoga & Nutrition. Nikki’s nutrition combined with her FatBurn Yoga has helped me reach my goal and more. “

That’s 3 inches in my hips and thighs and 1.5 inches in my waist

"Frisco Yoga & Nutrition has played a significant part in transforming my body from, "fluffy to fit". I feel better than I have in years! My energy level has increased exponentially. No longer do I dread shopping for a new outfit. My body continues to strengthen and tone. I look forward to seeing continued results and encourage others interested in embracing a healthier lifestyle to begin their FatBurn Yoga journey. Each instructor is wonderful and the people are so encouraging." 
Sonya J

Jenna G.

I lost 3 pounds and 2% body fat in 2 weeks. My hips are now and inch smaller. Don’t wait you could be next. I feel great and it was easy to follow.

Michelle & Joe

Together, Michelle and Joe have lost 31 pounds and 6% body fat. Couple nutrition is a great way to lose weight and get in shape.
Frisco Yoga and Nutrition changed the way I live!
It is not solely about losing weight it is investing time in positively transforming your body. I sincerely mean it when I say everyone is invested in your success! The day I decided to take my life back I took a FatBurn yoga class and was welcomed with open arms by Sally, Robin and Nikki.
They took me under their wing and have been encouraging and supportive every step of the way. The difference is the personal investment, many places offer workouts but nobody CARES like the entire team at Frisco Yoga and Nutrition. This is the best place I have ever worked out at and believe me I have tried them all with little to no success. After 2 months of FatBurn yoga I decided to incorporate their fitness nutrition plan, my only regret is, I didn’t do it sooner! This is a fool proof, easy and straightforward way to change your eating habits, and it works! 
Nikki described it is a science that is individualized for each client which is exactly what I needed. You will see changes in your body you didn’t know were possible. Your Fitness Nutrition Specialist meets with you regularly and if something is not working they tweak it a bit and you are on your way. They guide you and support you through the process. I am so pleased with my results, love my weekly workouts, and am so happy with how much better I feel.
I recommend this to anyone looking for something that works!
Thank you,


In 2 months Jerry Lost: 12 lbs, 4 inches in waist, 2 inches in hips, and 1.5 inches in thighs, 2.5% bodyfat, gained 2% muscle


I have lost 8 pounds and 2.8% body fat in only one month. Frisco Yoga & Nutrition…IT WORKS!
You, Adonia and your program have literally changed my life. You have given me the tools and guidance to not only lose weight but to sustain a much more healthy lifestyle. Not only am I down a couple of pant sizes, I sleep better, have more energy and just feel better in general. 
Thank you for your patience as I figured out the best path that fit my particular circumstances! I am forever thankful to the two of you!
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