4040 Legacy Dr  #106
Frisco, TX 75034
4040 Legacy Drive #106
Frisco, TX 75034
Flexibility, Strength Training and Cardio all in a 1 hour Class  
FYN’s mission is to be your personal Yoga Studio catering to your every need.  We offer a variety of yoga from traditional to fitness.  

FYN also trains yoga instructors using our FatBurn Yoga™ Brand in levels of training to improve your strength, muscle tone, cardio and flexibility all in a small one hour class.

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We customize our program and utilize an interactive software program specific depending on your age, height, weight and activity level.

Each client has a meal plan outlined for their needs with fat burning foods to see results.  

It is important to have the correct ratios so your nutrition specialist tracks your weekly progress and works with you to make any necessary adjustments.
Revive Bar
Our anytime supplements and snacks to refuel your body.  

Your One Stop Shop for a healthier Lifestyle.

Providing Thermogenic Snacks and Beverages to Speed-Up Body Transformation

Supplements designed to :
• Promote Fat Loss and Boost Metabolism
• Increase Muscle - Building
• Support Energy and Focus
• Support Recovery before, during and after exercise
• Enhance workout Endurance
• Stop Muscle Cramping
Transform Your Body...Change Your Life!
FYN supports City House and recognizes the importance of providing emergency shelter for our at-risk youth in the DFW area; including Frisco.